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Our Partners

About the LCC. We are the Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC), a unique collaboration between companies from the fields of plant cultivation, lab research, and regulatory affairs. Each of our members is an expert in its own market. Ranging from building greenhouses and installing LED lights, to lab testing and registration of a new medicine. Our members gained their expertise in the general markets of plant cultivation and medicine, but in recent years they have increasingly gotten involved with the world of legal cannabis. Combining these strengths and experiences, we can offer you a reliable and experienced one-stop shop for all your medicinal cannabis questions.

PCS, founded in 1990, is the oldest pharmaceutical audit, consultancy and training institute in the Netherlands. By combining the principles of excellent quality, functional processes and effective working cultures we ensure GMP-GDP regulatory compliance and the production of cost-effective and safe medicines worldwide.

PCS has two sister companies in India and Pakistan. On the Iranian market, PCS cooperates with an exclusive partner. It is our goal to instill the modern GMP principles in these markets through training and interim management.

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