Different models

Drying cells come in different models. The standard models are 5.24 meters (17.2 ft) high, 3.56 meters (11.7 ft) deep and 1.73 (5.7 ft) meters wide. They offer space to three to five Sandwich-units, the size of the Sandwich-units varies between the standard models. The model with three Sandwich-units has the highest capacity, while the model with five Sandwich-units offers a higher flexibility to your working process.

This drying cell offers space to 3 Sandwich-units. Each Sandwich-unit contains 144 Canna-trays, resulting in a total of 432 Canna-trays.

Drying cell with 4 Sandwich-units. Each unit contains 96 canna-trays, giving a total of 384 Canna-trays.

Drying cell with 5 Sandwich-units. Each sandwich-unit has 64 Canna-trays in it, giving it a total of 320 Canna-trays.

In case the capacity of the standard models is too high, we offer smaller versions models a lower capacity. We offer models with one, two, three or four Sandwich-units with a variety in number of Canna-trays. The smaller models have the same depth and width, but a different height.

example of a smaller model, it offers space to 2 Sandwich-units with 144 Canna-trays. It has a total of 288 Canna-trays and a height of 3.91 meters (12.8 ft).

In the smaller model above, there’s room for 3 Sandwich-units with 64 Canna-trays in each unit. This results in a total of 192 Canna-trays with a height of 3.64 meters (11.9 ft).

Another example of a smaller model of a drying cell. it gives space to 3 sandwich-units with 96 trays each. The drying cell with 288 Canna-trays in total, has a height of 4.24 meters (13.9 ft).

The multiple versions of the Sandwich-unit let you choose between a higher capacity or a higher flexibility of your working process.