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Drying Cell

drying cell, forklift with sandwich unit, open shutter (2)

Drying cell

Large amounts of cannabis are not easy to handle with. That is why we came up with the Drying Room

Drying cells

The Cannabis Drying Cell’s properties:

  • One drying cell, based on the configuration (which you can choose depending on your needs), is able to dry out (cure) 20-85kg (44-187 lbs) per drying (curing) cycle.
  • A forklift carrying a pallet (a sandwich) is a central unit within the Drying Cell.
  • Easily scalable because of the design.
  • Simple cleaning process.
  • Moisture levels that you can manage to reach 30-90%.
  • Airflow can be set to the volume level (m3/ft3) that you need.
  • Depend on needs temperature can be 15 to 35°C (59-95°F).


Used for drying cannabis buds for recreational purposes.


As you can use them for drying cannabis, you can use drying cells for curing as well.

In the drying rooms, the sandwich units are stacked on a ventilation pallet. The pallet with 4 sandwich units we call a pallet sandwich.


Pallet sandwich’s elements:

A:  Sandwich units with a variable amount of Canna-Trays (min 16 to max 36) as the middle part.

B:  Ventilation pallet – as the bottom part.

C:  Closing frame – as the top of the pallet sandwich.

Elements of a pallet sandwich unit

Ventilation Pallet as one of the components of the Pallet Sandwich:


We build a pallet sandwich on the Ventilation Pallet. Among the other, it makes sure that transport with a forklift goes safely, easily & effectively. 


Properties of the Ventilation Pallet:

  • Like all of our products, we make the ventilation pallet from the most quality material for the purpose it has –  stainless steel.
  • The front side has two openings, therefore the forklift can easily pick it up and transport it.
  • There are big openings so that process air can circulate through the pallet sandwich at the backside.
  • The top contains a frame that certainly can fit four HEPA filters.
  • Equally important is that the cleaning process is simple.
  • Net weight: 110 kg (240 lbs.)
  • Size: 1600x 1220x 240 mm (65 x 48 x 9.5″)


How do we use the Ventilation Pallet?

We use the ventilation pallet for transporting with a forklift as well as for drying/curing cannabis.

There are 3 key processes during which we use it:

1. First – right after harvesting cannabis.

2. Second –  during the drying process.

3. Third – during curing until packaging.

Overview of the Ventilation pallet

Ventilation pallet

The component of the Pallet Sandwich – Closing Frame:

Like all our products we create the Closing frame of high quality anodized aluminum.

How do you use the closing frame?

Firstly, you place it directly above the HEPA filter and the Filter pad layers.

Secondly, the closing frame keeps the four sandwich units together in the pallet sandwich

Finally, it makes the pallet sandwich airtight and strong.

Closing frame

Top-down drying with a sandwich pallet

Sandwich unit using top-down drying method:

The clean process air, in pallet sandwich, goes from the top to the bottom through the cannabis and it all happens in a dark and clean ambiance because the closing frame gives hardness to the pallet sandwich and preserves airtightness of it

Using this method for drying, during the whole process and until the end, cannabis keeps its terpenes, aromas and cannabinoids.


Components of a Cannabis Drying Cell

Clean drying room’s main parts:

A-B-C: Pallet-sandwich consisting of Canna-Trays (A), Filters (B) and a ventilation pallet(C)

D: Isolation panels

E: Roller shutter

F: Maintenance door

G: ventilators

H: Condenser

I: Heater


How do you use the Drying room?

  • A forklift driver, moving a sandwich unit, approaches the drying room.
  • Once the driver remotely (via tablet or phone on the ABC software) opens the roller shutter, all devices in the drying room are automatically turned off.
  • Then he put the pallet sandwich in an empty space.
  • After that the driver, remotely again(via tablet or phone using the ABC software) closes the roller shutter, all devices in the drying room are automatically turned on.
  • All these processes are controlled by the manager from his/hers device (tablet, pc, mobile phone or PC).

Cannabis Drying Cell; how it works

Details of How the Drying room works:
The process air (U) is sucked by the Ventilator (G) through the filters(B), pallets(C) and Canna-Trays (A).
• Absolute humidity of the air rises as the air dries the cannabis.
• A part of the moisture process air (W) then flows through the condensation unit (H).
• As the air cools down, the water condensates.
• Then, the cooler air (Z) is mixing with the process air (Y).
• The air mixed like that is again brought to the desired temperature when it goes through the heater (I).


The size of the Drying Room varies depending on your needs. The standard Drying Room size, which fits 3to 5 sandwich units, is 3.56 meters (11.7 ft) deep, 1.73 (5.7 ft) meters wide and 5.24 meters (17.2 ft) high.

Drying rooms can be custom made to fit your needs in a variety of sizes. Although the standard room contains 3 to 5 sandwich units, in our offer there are rooms with a capacity of 1 to 5 units as well.
While the configuration of the Drying Room with 3 Sandwich units has the highest capacity, the one with 5 Sandwich units offers higher flexibility for your business operation.

Overview of Drying room with 4 layers of pallet sandwiches. 
96 Canna-Trays each unit.  Total = 384 Canna-Tray per drying room.

Drying room with 3 layers of pallet sandwiches.
144 Canna-Trays each unit.

Total = 432 Canna-Trays per drying room.

Example of Drying room with 5 layers of pallet sandwiches. 
64 trays each. Total = 320 trays per drying room.

There are a variety of sizes
that Drying rooms can be custom made in 
The number of pallet sandwiches can vary from 1 to 5.

ABC-processor for the drying room:

  • As you can arrange the ventilators at the quantity of airflow you prefer, these can vary among the units.
  • A single sensor measures relative humidity and the temperature of the air that gets into the units.
  • Multiple sensors measure relative humidity and the temperature of the outgoing air regarding the units.

One sensor measures the temperature and humidity of the air before it goes through the heater and the condenser.


Note: Cannabis drying racks are designed so that they can be used in new drying rooms as well as in existing ones. Most importantly, it is possible to implement the ABC-processor in an existing drying room.

An ABC controller page of a drying cell

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