After the drying, your cannabis buds must be cured. Curing cannabis does not take place in the drying cell but in the special cell called the Curing chamber. As long as it is indoor, you can build your Curing-chamber anywhere.  Inside the Curing-chamber, you can control the temperature, humidity and amount of airflow by a user-friendly computer system.

The Curing chamber, consist of racks where the Sandwich-units are placed on with a forklift.

Those racks can be opened by an automated sliding door, 

The Curing-chamber has a double ceiling and double walls. These double walls are necessary to be there, so the airflow can be possible. There are small ventilators next to every one of the Sandwich-units that suck the air top-down through the cannabis buds. That process air flows then through the double walls and the ceiling to warming/cooling units which brings the air to the desired temperatures and humidity levels. Once the process air is at the desired temperature and humidity levels, multiple ventilators pump such air through an airbag, so it can be spread evenly all over the Curing-chamber. 

Decades of experience in this business have proven that the curing process is very important for the quality of the final products of your cannabis buds. That is why it takes approximately four times longer than the drying process. Therefore, the Curing chamber offers space to four times more Sandwich-units than the drying cells do.




A good cannabis cure improves the flavor and potency of the product.

Curing chamber - curing-chamber-front

The Curing-chamber can be used for long term storage, without any danger for fungi and bacteria.


To create a high-end product, curing your cannabis in the perfect circumstances is essential.