DRYING cabinet

For drying small amounts of cannabis buds, of around 7 kg / 15 lbs a week, we use one of our products –  a Cannabis Drying Cabinet  

  • You can control the temperature and humidity with the ABC-processor.
  • And the amount of airflow can easily be set.

You can control the drying cabinet in two ways: either with a control panel on the drying cabinet or remote, with the ABC software on your phone, tablet or computer. 

In the Cannabis drying cabinet, you can place  1 sandwich unit. 

Drying Cabinet


For drying large amounts of cannabis buds we use another one of our products – a Drying Rack whether in existing or new drying rooms.

The main difference between the traditional drying-racks that cannabis growers currently use and our drying-racks, is that in traditional methods the air blows over the product, while, in our innovative method the air is sucked from top to bottom throughout the whole product. As a result, each and every cannabis bud is evenly dried and the quality of the final product is significantly improved.

You can use it for medical and recreational cannabis as well. 

Drying Rack


Large amounts of cannabis are not easy to handle with. That is why we came up with one of the several great products – the Drying Room

The Cannabis Drying Cell’s properties:

  • One drying cell, based on the configuration (which you can choose depending on your needs), is able to dry out (cure) 20-85kg (44-187 lbs) per drying (curing) cycle.
  • A forklift carrying a pallet (a sandwich) is a central unit within the Drying Cell.
  • Easily scalable because of the design.
  • Simple cleaning process.
drying cell, forklift with sandwich unit, open shutter (2)

Drying Cell


Large amounts of cannabis plants or stems can be dried also using one of our great products – a Hang Drying Rack whether in existing or new drying rooms.


The main and most important difference between drying cannabis in traditional or in our improved drying racks is that using our innovative techniques, the air is sucked top-down through the plants or stems, in a controlled manner.

Hang Drying Rack - Products - Transparent view of a drying cart filled with hang drying carts

Hang Drying Rack


It is almost impossible, with ordinary washing, to properly clean your Canna-Trays.   However, after each and every drying cycle, if you want to bring your cannabis drying to perfection, that is the thing that you just must do. That is why we offer one of our products – a Canna-Tray washer, with which you can wash out 100% of the rest of the resin on the trays.

Canna-Tray Washer