Deserved to be mentioned first: a HEPA (nano) filter and a filter pad. Getting the best clean air conditions for our top-down cannabis drying method and eliminating all risks: viruses, pests, etc, wouldn’t be possible without them.

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air ) filters are made of micro-glass fiber sheets, meeting the highest U.S. and European standards. Specific clean areas in hospitals, pharmaceutical, nuclear and microelectronics industries already use them.



HEPA filters and filter pad



After harvesting, cannabis is placed into a pan we call “Canna-Tray”.
Each Canna tray consists of 6 equal low sections preventing cannabis from moving around and ensuring it’s evenly drying during the drying/curing process.

We make Canna-Trays from an anti-static ABS thermoplastic substance. Decades of experience in this business show us that it is the best material for the purpose.



Canna tray

Pallet and frame for drying cell


Using the Sandwich Units of  www.Cannabis-drying.com  TOP-DOWN SANDWICH DRYING METHOD, every part of the cannabis gets a constant, controlled, top-down flow of process air. Systems are available for tray drying and for hang drying. So, wet and dry trimming is both possible with our systems.


Sandwich units - Cannabis drying sandwich unit transparent LR

Sandwich unit with pallet and frame


On the Ventilation Pallet, a pallet sandwich is built. The Ventilation Pallet makes sure that transport with a forklift goes safely, easily & effectively.  

Ventilation Pallet properties:

  • The top has a frame for 4 HEPA filters.
  • The front has 2 openings for easy & effective transport by a forklift.
  • There are big openings for process air to leave the pallet sandwich, at the back.
  • Made of Stainless steel.
ventilation pallet

Ventilation Pallet for drying cell


Already implemented in various agricultural industries worldwide, our ABC HVAC controller operates on thousands of systems, in over 50 countries.  Certainly, you can set optimum drying & curing conditions with our technology, we guarantee.

How do you use the ABC-HVAC Controller?

Every step of the way, this groundbreaking software for our cannabis drying method and curing process allows easy management. You can set it easily and exactly the way you want. It is simple to manage the process on the touch screen just outside the drying system as well as on a remote control device (tablet (iOs/Android), laptop or computer).



Cannabis drying method - ABC HVAC controller

Managing your  ABC – HVAC Controller



Farmers and growers of cannabis all over the world use different methods for drying and curing cannabis buds. The traditional uncontrolled hang drying and drying in the drying racks are the most used. Check out what the benefits are when those methods are replaced with our innovative, quality-preserving and money-saving cannabis drying method.


Hang Drying method
Cannabis sandwich unit