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Drying Cabinet

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Cannabis Drying Cabinet

Frontview drying cabinet

For drying small amounts of cannabis buds, of around 7 kg / 15 lbs a week, we use a Cannabis Drying Cabinet  

  • You can control the temperature and humidity with the ABC-processor.
  • And the amount of airflow can easily be set.

You can control the drying cabinet in two ways: either with a control panel on the drying cabinet or remote, with the ABC software on your phone, tablet or computer. 

In the Cannabis drying cabinet, you can place  1 sandwich unit. 

For medical and recreational cannabis. 

You can use it for curing as well.

Components of a full drying cabinet:

A: 36 Canna-Trays

B: 2 HEPA-filters

C: 2 filter pads

D1:   First Ventilator

D2:   Second Ventilator

E: Adsorption dryer

F: Cooling unit

G: Stainless steel door

H: Stainless steel panels

I: ABC-software on a tablet

Transparent view of the drying cabinet

How do you use the Cannabis drying cabinet?

  • On the HEPA filter & filter pad, you place 2 piles of Canna-Trays.
  • When the piles are full, on top of them you place another HEPA-filter.
  • After that, you can activate the drying process and manage it on the ABC-software of the remote device.

Sandwich unit in drying cabinet

Closed drying cabinet

Cannabis drying cabinet – Details of how it works:

  • The first ventilator (D1) sucks the process air (1) through the set of Canna-Trays (A) and filters (B&C).
  • The air (2) dries the cannabis by adsorbing moisture from the cannabis.
  • A part of this air (3) will circulate and enter the Canna-Trays (A) again.
  • Another part of the air (4) goes through the adsorption dryer (E) where the air heats up and water gets adsorbed from the air.
  • The air from the adsorption dryer (5) mixes with the circulating process air (3).
  • A part of this blended air (6) gets sucked through the cooling unit (F) by the second ventilator(D2) where the air is brought to the desired temperature again.
  • The dried air (7) mixes with the circulating process air (3) and goes through the cannabis again.

Transparent view of the drying cabinet

ABC-processor for the drying cabinet:

  • As the ventilators extract the air from the top to the bottom through the product, you can control them so you get the airflow you need. You can do this by adjusting the RPM.
  • There are two sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity with the ABC HVAC controller and in this case the first measures the ingoing, and the second measures the outgoing air.


It is also possible to buy the drying cabinet without a particular ABC-processor. If so, you will manage the temperature with a temperature control system and the moisture by a hygrostat.

An ABC controller page of a drying cabinet

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