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Canna tray


After harvesting, cannabis is placed into a pan we call “Canna-Tray”.
Each Canna tray consists of 6 equal low sections preventing cannabis from moving around and ensuring it’s evenly drying during the drying/curing process.

We make Canna-Trays from an anti-static ABS thermoplastic substance. Decades of experience in this business show us that it is the best material for the purpose: the anti-static compound prevents the plant material from staying stuck to the Canna-Tray.

At the bottom of each Canna Tray, there are exactly 1944 round holes of 6mm/0.23622 inches in diameter. These holes make sure that, during the whole process of cannabis drying and curing, the flow of the process air that we have previously cleaned and which we can control,  from top to the bottom is constant and equal.


Canna tray


    The Canna Tray properties:

  • Resistant against chemicals such as oils, alkaline, thinned acid, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and fat
  • Anti-static ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) thermoplastic.
  • Lego® also use ABS.
  • Recyclable (100%).


  • Very strong.
  • Food – safe.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Very easily stackable with simpleness and precision.
  • Maximum service temperature 77℃ (171℉).
  • Size of 600x400x60 mm (23.5 x 15.5 x 2.4”).

How do you use Canna Tray?

When you are done with harvesting, place all your cannabis buds, into your Canna-Trays.

After that, when they are full, you can arrange them on top of each other and place them all together on the HEPA filter which will be the bottom part of the sandwich-unit.

When you place them like that, Canna-Trays become the middle layer of your sandwich-unit.

In one sandwich unit, you can place no more than 18 levels of Canna-Trays, on top of each other.

Canna-Tray filled with cannabis

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