Canna-Tray Washer

Cannabis tray washer LR 2

Canna-Tray washer

It is almost impossible, with ordinary washing, to properly clean your Canna-Trays.   However, after each and every drying cycle, if you want to bring your cannabis drying to perfection, that is the thing that you just must do. That is why we offer a Canna-Tray washer, with which you can wash out 100% of the rest of the resin on the trays.

Canna-Tray washer properties:

  • With our Canna-Tray washer you can wash 220 trays each hour, with a maximum contact time of 30 seconds
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • Water usage: Main wash ± 300 ltr, after wash ± 250 ltr/hr

Dimensions: 306 x 94 x 140 cm, 120 x 37 x 55 “ (L x W x H)

Cannabis tray washer LR 3

In addition to those with an average capacity of 220 Canna-Trays per hour, there are those that can wash even more than that. So that is why we also offer Canna-Tray washers with the capability to wash over 220 Canna-Trays per hour, and they are available.