Founded in 1974, Cannabis-Drying.com is a subsidiary of a Dutch-based, privately owned company. Right from the beginning, our company played a significant, impressive role in the market of machine drying and storing of farming products. Our experience, complex knowledge, and focus resulted in an expanding quality of end-products for all of our clients.

We’ve implemented and developed new, groundbreaking approaches for the storing and drying of seeds, flower bulbs, garlic, and many other farming products. By using these techniques of ours, a huge number of growers saved a substantial amount of time and money.

Cannabis-Drying Innovative & Worldwide presence Models 

The systems of Cannabis-Drying.com holding corporation are utilized all over all 6 continents in more than 50 countries. All farmers are our customers, whether they represent multibillion-dollar, stock market companies (USA & Europe) or own small local farms.

Cannabis-Curing.com staff is a team of draughtsman and specialists/engineers, and each of these professionals has experience of over ten years. Continuous enhancement is in our personal DNA and you, the innovating customer get the advantages from this.

Farmers all over the world are using our cannabis drying systems, delivering products in both recreational and medical markets.