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ABC HVAC controller

An ABC HVAC controller page of a drying cell


With our computer controlled Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system – we name it: ABC – the magic really starts.

Our ABC HVAC-controller system is developed and managed in-house by our own processor and software engineers. It has over 35 years of stability and a lot of proven innovations. The system consists of a software program, a processor getting input from special RH and Temperature sensors. ABC HVAC directs the heater, condenser, and ventilators according to the settings in every drying phase.

Already implemented in various agricultural industries worldwide, our ABC HVAC controller operates on thousands of systems, in over 50 countries.  Certainly, you can set optimum drying & curing conditions with our technology, we guarantee.


How do you use the ABC-HVAC Controller?

Every step of the way, this groundbreaking software for the drying and curing process allows easy management. You can set it easily and exactly the way you want. It is simple to manage the process on the touch screen just outside the drying system as well as on a remote control device (tablet (iOs/Android), laptop or computer. You can even set and control it when you are on the other side of the world. We make our Heating-Ventilation- Air-Conditioning-systems tailor made.

Main characteristics of the ABC HVAC controller:


  • The flexibility of the ABC-HVAC Controller: for example, for different processes and special strains, you can generate presets and modify the airflow, absolute/relative humidity and temperature as you need them to.
  • In case you need it, our technical engineering section can produce custom processes for you.
  • Platform independent software: manage the ABC-software and processor from your PC or Apple or Unix computer
  • MCM module: it is optional if you want to control the ABC-processor from a mobile device or tablet.
  • You can set up the SMS alert, which is optional too.
  • Our support engineers provide you with instant real-time support with a TeamViewer via your pc.

Preset cross section with 3 sandwich units stages

 An ABC HVAC-window showing controls for 11 drying sections

Example of a preset with 5 stages

Each of our installations offers a different version of the ABC HVAC controller specifically for you. Therefore you can control the amount of airflow, humidity, and temperature with a version that fits your needs the best.



ABC-processor for the drying cabinet:

  • As the ventilators extract the air from the top to the bottom through the product, you can control them so you get the airflow you need. You can do this by adjusting the RPM.
  • There are two sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity with the ABC HVAC controller and in this case the first measures the ingoing, and the second measures the outgoing air.



It is also possible to buy the drying cabinet without a particular ABC-processor. If so, you will manage the temperature with a temperature control system and the moisture by a hygrostat.

An ABC controller page of a drying cabinet

An ABC controller page of a drying racks

 ABC-processor for the drying racks:

  • You can manipulate the quantity of airflow for each and every drying rack individually, so if there is more moisture, that means you need more airflow.
  • There are two sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity. In this case too, the first measures the ingoing air from the area, and the second measures the outgoing air.



Cannabis drying racks are designed so that they can be used in new drying rooms as well as in existing ones. Most importantly, it is possible to implement the ABC-processor in an existing drying room.

ABC-processor for the drying cell:

  • As you can arrange the ventilators at the quantity of airflow you prefer, these can vary among the units.
  • A single sensor measures relative humidity and the temperature of the air that gets into the units.
  • Multiple sensors measure relative humidity and the temperature of the outgoing air regarding the units.

One sensor measures the temperature and humidity of the air before it goes through the heater and the condenser.

Example screen of  an ABC controller page of a drying cell with 4 drying unit high

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