We consider the system of Cannabis-Drying.com the best  Cannabis drying method on “how to professionally dry cannabis”.  The fundamental components are Canna-Trays(ABS Thermoplastic material), 2 types of filtration techniques and ABC HVAC software.

You need to manually place the Canna-Trays on top of each other. Underneath and above them are 2 types of filters. Consequently, these layers together make the “sandwich unit”. Process air flows top-down through the unit (see the video on this page).

The ABC HVAC software controls the moisture, temperature and circulation of process air. Further, the air is going from the top to the bottom of the tray through the sandwich unit. With this technique each and every bud gets a – constant – controlled – top-down – equally spread – circulation of process air.

Our technology is unique in the world!!

Cannabis-Drying.com has solutions for cannabis drying for both large and small quantities of cannabis buds. Therefore, we sell our systems all over the world for recreational as well as for medicinal markets.

Primary products that we are proud of are: the Tray Drying Rack, the Hang Drying Rack, the Drying Cabinet and a Drying Cell

Cannabis drying


Transparent view of one half of the Hang Drying Cart


Cannabis drying - Drying cabinet with door open and man holding tablet with ABS software on it



Being a grower and producer of the finest cannabis, you are always looking for the best solutions. Firstly to grow and process the best quality cannabis at the lowest cost you can, and secondly with an easy-to-manage process. Therefore, high on your priority list is a smooth continuity of your process. Certainly, by using the best quality system of cannabis drying you will achieve these goals much easier.

Since 1974, when we founded the company, we have developed and applied new, unique and groundbreaking techniques for the drying and storing of seeds, flower bulbs, garlic cloves and other farming products. Using this method, thousands of growers are saving a great amount of ……. read more

HI-TECH innovative farming from HOLLAND

Top-Down Drying with a sandwich of Canna-Trays and filters